Taking a brief sabbatical from posting, back soon!

Hi, there readers!  I realize that I’m overdue for a post now, but I’ve been having problems with my WordPress.com site, and in the process of trying to deal with them, problems with my browsers and operating system and security company cropped up as I did what I think of as my valiant best to cope.  Yesterday, I was on the computer all day trying to get things straightened out, and have more than accepted that I will never be a computer expert but (like Blanche in “A Streetcar Named Desire”) will always have to rely on the “kindness of strangers” at the chat rooms who helped me out.  As of today, the WordPress.com problem is still unsolved, and I’m “all in” (tired) of being on the computer, so though I will continue to respond to your posts and comments, I won’t be posting again myself for at least a day or two, maybe more.  But then, I’m sure you have plenty of other excellent things to read on WordPress.com, so ta! for now.  See you again soon!


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7 responses to “Taking a brief sabbatical from posting, back soon!

  1. A break is as good as a rest, or something like that, that people say..enjoy your break and do good stuff!


  2. I do hope that you wlll consider it good stuff (I just left you a long “contact” note on your e-mail, because your site is one I’m having trouble with, and you said to tell you if that happened again). Sorry the note is so long, but I’m hoping if we both know what happened and both approach the problem from different angles, WordPress.com will be able to fix it as they somehow did last summer’s end. Thanks for your friendly note of support.


  3. Sorry to hear about your tedious tech problems. I hope they’ll be sorted soon.


  4. Richard Gilbert

    Victoria, there couldn’t be a better time to break, so enjoy it! As for me, well I struggle to keep the old blog going too. It all comes out in the wash, in the end. What we wanted to do, what we did. Your posts are so thoughtful and just plain wise. I await eagerly your return!


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