Great News! For Kindle Readers Who’ve Been Inquiring–“Poems from the Northeast” Is Now Live!

Dear Kindle Readers, Just today, the 334 page book of poetry ranging from 1976-2021, “Poems from the Northeast,” has gone live! Thanks to all the Kindle folks who have inquired from me and my publisher and who have helped bring this about! Enjoy getting your poetry fix, and thanks for your interest! Shadowoperator (Victoria Leigh Bennett)


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2 responses to “Great News! For Kindle Readers Who’ve Been Inquiring–“Poems from the Northeast” Is Now Live!

  1. Ryan Sanchez

    I am trying to get in touch with you for an interview and special appearance. Are you available?


    • Dear Ryan, I haven’t done anything like an appearance since the days when I taught college/ university, and I don’t really travel much these days. But I’m delighted—and I know my publisher will be, too—to learn of your interest in my book. Since the only Ryan Sanchez I’m aware of is the one whose name I’ve seen on Goodreads, or Twitter, am I correct in assuming that that is you? If so, I’m flattered that you are taking the time to inquire about my book. Let me propose this: how would a written interview be, with the possibility that you could send me a list of questions you’d like me to answer, since it’s possible to meander around forever in the verbal woods and never come to a clearing if you don’t know what your interviewer is interested in? In addition, I can send you a two-part poetry reading of six of my poems that I did in my home, totaling 20-25 min or so (which incidentally does not represent the divisions of the book: it is in three parts/books). If this is an acceptable compromise to you, then please send me an email address where I should send the reading videos (I can send them mail chimp; Dropbox is a little less maneageable, but still possible). I am at goodreads or at for a place to send questions. Thanks very much for your interest in my book, stay well, and all the best, VLB


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