Apologies for Being Otherwise Busy, and a Suggestion for a Great Halloween Read

Hello, website, Twitter and Facebook readers! My apologies for going quiet mostly for a whole week or more now. I’ve been busy getting ready for moving (possibly) and simultaneously submitting poems, articles, and prose bits to publishers/magazines and checking on the same in Submittable and other sites. But as your reward, I have a Halloween suggestion for reading which will be guaranteed to shiver your timbers as well as the rest of you, from one of the greats. Please follow the Yellow Brick Road, or the trail of breadcrumbs to my very next post–it wouldn’t be a Halloween post if I didn’t keep you in suspense–and read my 2012 post on Kingsley Amis’s The Green Man. If you read the book, I promise you won’t be disappointed (Brrrhhhhh! And here I thought I was a back-to-nature woman!). Happy haunted dreams!

Shadowoperator (Victoria Leigh Bennett)


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2 responses to “Apologies for Being Otherwise Busy, and a Suggestion for a Great Halloween Read

  1. riverrun80

    Oooo, that sounds like a good Halloween read! Enjoyed the early English Lit notes. The only Kingsley Amis I’ve I’ve read is Lucky Jim, which is, of course, a hoot from beginning to end.


    • Yep, it’s a good one. It takes a lot to scare me; I’m pretty nuch inured to and bored by horror stories. What got me was the unidentiifed young man in the tale, is it supposed to be a perverse Christ, the Devil, some other visitation? Creepy.


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