My New Publication About Paris and Days of Youth, Out February 22, 2022, From Amazon Platforms:

Here you can see at top above the cover art and back cover (with blurb by the stupendous and kind Katy Naylor, of Postcards from Ragnarok and the voidspace) followed in the second image by the internal frontispiece of the book, which is being published by the equally magnificent and kind Alien Buddha Press.  Look for me on Amazon, and acquire a copy for yourself!  Shadowoperator (Victoria Leigh Bennett)


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4 responses to “My New Publication About Paris and Days of Youth, Out February 22, 2022, From Amazon Platforms:

  1. Ooo, you kept this quiet! I will be purchasing within the month. Always love a good read, and Paris is such a great city for differing viewpoints. I will make sure I get my review up sooner this time as well.


  2. I will share the love and reblog this tomorrow as well, as I just reblogged another post not to long before coming here.


  3. Thanks so much, Ste J! You are a writer’s writer in the best sense of the term, always supporting others! I just received my half-year sales record from the publisher for my poetry book “Poems from the Northeast” (for the time from Aug-Dec., and non-inclusive of Amazon, because they’re on a 90-day report period that didn’t mesh with my publishers’). But sales were dismal, especially considering how many people told me they were buying copies for themselves or others, and despite my best marketing efforts. I was in a real funk yesterday. I’m hoping for better things with my Paris publication, not even so much for the money as for the growth of reputation (was it Shakespeare or someone else who said “that bubble, reputation?” Anyway, let me know how your stuff is going, if you’re still working on your book, and etc (and how the little famly is). Hello to all!


  4. Reblogged this on Book to the Future and commented:
    Two reblogs in two days because quality stuff should be shared. This time it’s the turn of my very good friend Vicki and her short memoir about her younger days in Paris, a city that seems to encourage so many memorable works. I will be purchasing my copy soon, so come join me.


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