Just a quick note about the other blogs/websites I’ve reviewed so far….

Yes, I admit I’m lost in the computer world; and I admit without challenge that one of my recent spoutings on ignorance could be applied to me, though not on the same topic (that is, I know a fair amount about Mark Twain, but computers–at least the correct language about them–not so much.)  So I was unaware when I wrote the reviews of other websites to make up for not having a “Blogs I Follow” button that what I wanted to fill in was the link that I would actually use in my browser to find the sites myself (do I have at least that language right?  No?  I’ll get it right eventually).  At any rate, I can at least do the other sites the courtesy now (a few days later) of giving the addresses where you can find them for yourselves easily.  And I think my punishment for my ignorance should be (though it’s not really punishment to be allowed to speak my mind!) to continue to write reviews of websites I begin to follow, just to add variety and interest to my own meanderings.  Actually, I’m being slightly disingenuous here, since my stats show that my readers like these pages introducing them to other sites, or perhaps commenting on sites they’ve already seen (and all my readers should feel free to respond through “comments,” or to recommend through “comments” other sites they themselves have seen first).

Here are the addresses where you can reach the sites I’ve reviewed so far:

Truth and Cake– http://truthandcake.com/

Jessica Stanley– http://jessicastanley.com.au/

Becky Hutchinson– http://rebeccahutchinson.wordpress.com/

ohdizzle– http://ohdizzle.wordpress.com/

The Art of the Visit– http://theartofthevisit.wordpress.com/

Forever–More Reviews– http://forevermorereviews.wordpress.com/

The Elephant House– http://theelephanthouse.wordpress.com/

Ye-buh-dee-ye-buh-dee-ye-buh-dee, that’s all, folks!  Until tomorrow!


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3 responses to “Just a quick note about the other blogs/websites I’ve reviewed so far….

  1. First, I appreciate that someone other than me had not a clue about adding the “Blogs I Follow” snippet or thing, or whatever. And of course I appreciate your adding me to your list of those in which you have an interest. Here is someone I think you would find as interesting and as clever as yourself. Yes, I follow her and thank you for sharing yours. http://ptbertram.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/do-readers-have-an-obligation-to-writers/


    • Thanks, Kathy, for the comment and the referral to ptbertram. I am really snowed under just now, because I’m following about 20 blogs, writing stuff and reading stuff for another post, copy editing a friend’s manuscript, and trying to continue working on my own 4th novel. But I want you to know that I take the referral to someone else’s site from a good writer like you quite seriously, and I hope to get to look at her site by the weekend. I hope things are progressing along for you just fine, too. Thanks again for commenting!


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