This is one of those days when I feel like I’ve forgotten more than I’ll ever know.

Hi, folks!  This is just a brief note to let my readers who follow me day by day know that I’m not putting up a new literary post today as I normally do.  Instead, I’m trying to verify my site with the search engines so that I can gradually learn a little search engine optimization, though that seems like a very optimistic venture at this point.  It’s hard, because each site has something a little bit different that it wants done, and all the wishes don’t match up.

As to my title?  Well, it’s derived from an old saying, often thrown at the head of an overly ambitious and confident upstart by some old-timer or other.  The original saying, from expert to beginner, is “I’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever know.”  This is what I sometimes feel about the kind people in all the site forums who’re trying to help me:  they’ve forgotten more than I’ll ever know.  But more than that, after trying variation after variation on the one theme of how to get my search engines to recognize me, and trying to be sure I don’t do the same thing twice,  I have honestly begun to feel that I’ve forgotten more than I’ll ever know!  I’m going to keep slogging at it though, until I either get the correct formula that will satisfy everyone, or just decide to give up and wait until all parties ask for the same details.  Someone who had encountered a problem with this a few years ago, back in 2009, I think, said on one of the forums that actually does a pretty good job of supplying the data you normally gets through optimization without you having to do it (unless of course you’re ready to upgrade or buy your own domain name, go on, etc).  So, there’s no real disgrace in giving up if nothing works.  But secretly, I would rather believe that my heroes on the forum sites are right, and that I’m just a slow learner–it makes life more bearable that way.

For those of you who are looking for my literary posts, however, I did go ahead and do two less intensive, shorter ones over the weekend (even though I originally said that I probably wouldn’t, due to having some wonderful family company here).  As it turned out, though, the company needed some rest and time away too, so during that time I went ahead and wrote one post on Saturday and one post on Sunday.  I hope you can make due with those and with my archives and novels until I can get some sort of handle on the issues I’ve trying to resolve with respect to search engines.  I’m really excited sometimes to see on my stats page all of the people in different countries who’ve been following my blog.  It keeps me going to know that I’m developing an audience.

I hope to be publishing literary posts again by the middle of the week.  See you then, if not before!  shadowoperator

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