“To correct an error and rectify a fault….”

This post is put up basically to correct an error I made a day or three ago, and to rectify a possible fault.  In writing about Richard Bausch’s novel Peace, and a short story of his, “Something Is Out There,” I passed along my misunderstanding that Caroline’s site “Beauty Is A Sleeping Cat” was already finished with its Literature and War Readalong for 2012.  In actual fact, that readalong is still going on; Caroline is writing about the Bausch novel Peace starting September 28, 2012.  The next novel to be read will be one by Maria Angels Anglada titled in English The Auschwitz Violin.  That part of the readalong starts on October 29th, 2012.  My apologies to Caroline for giving readers of mine and readers we may share a mistaken impression.

The possible fault I wish to rectify is only a potential fault, though I understand that it concerns important issues.  When I read the two works I covered by Richard Bausch, what I was struck by was the coincidence of structure, theme, and weather cues in two forms as different as the novel and the short story.  It’s not that I was unaware of the issue of the moralities (or lack thereof) of war, simply that I was writing about a different issue as it is reflected in fiction.  Still, I have read Caroline’s most recent post today on her site about just the novel, Peace, and she is greatly concerned with the morality of the book, and I understand her concern.  My comments on her site, should she accept them, should provide further apologies for not having discussed, perhaps just in passing, these issues relating to what soldiers actually are called upon to do in wartime, and the suffering of both soldiers and especially civilians in WW II, with emphasis on pogroms and mass executions.

Caroline is a worthy correspondent and commentator and her site is immensely valuable for its learning and acceptance of many different world literatures.  Again, my apologies for not having given correct information and for perhaps appearing to neglect important literary features.  I’m not sure I’ve got down the principles correctly of doing a pingback or a backlink, but I’m going to try:  see this link for Caroline’s site and her posts on Literature and War 2012.


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4 responses to ““To correct an error and rectify a fault….”

  1. Don’t worry, good literature permits to look at it form many differnet angles and although Peace didn’t work for me so well, I think it is very well written. I’ll return and comment on the last post tomorrow (just came home from a holiday) and will add the link to my post.


    • I hope you enjoyed your holiday, and thanks for taking my idiocies so well. You have been such a good voice on my site that I would hate to lose you, especially due to some stupid error (but then, I guess a deliberate one would be worst?). And thanks for the link, too.


  2. Because I so admire integrity, civility, and responsibility–especially in today’s world–I had to verbally applaud you. Nicely done.


    • Thanks, Kathy. Caroline was very understanding, too, so we’ve exchanged a number of stimulating posts about the books we’re interested in in common. And it helps to receive encouragement to do the right thing, because even at my age it’s always good to receive reinforcement in good habits. I appreciate the remark especially from someone as versed in good manners as you are.


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