Just a short update bulletin of a post….

Hello again, readers!  Today, I have been packing for my trip to graduation, weighing my suitcase, and reading some of your posts on your websites, so as not to get too far behind with all my many enthusiasms while I’m away.  I will be away until Sunday, but my first task when I get back and get unpacked will be to get on my laptop (which isn’t going along for this trip) and answer any and every comment you have made.  In case I haven’t made it clear before, I love hearing from you, and I want to thank all of you especially who have responded to my announcement(s) about graduation by wishing me well, either via e-mail or comment.

As for what happens while I’m away, I’m continually surprised (happily, quite happily) by the number of you who visit my Archives and read and keep up with the site as I have written it so far.  Please continue to read if there’s anything there that interests you, and know that your comments on posts are always welcome, regardless of how far back in time the post was made.  If I find any of those items on my site when I come back, obviously I will be delighted to answer those as well.

Also feel free to respond to the comments of others on my site, which you can see if you click on the “Comments” button for each post (which also tells you how many comments there have already been).  My most frequent commenters are a lively and a well-informed group, and they often put me in touch with things I need to know as well.  It’s also always fun to hear from new voices, whose perspectives may be innovative or different.

When you hear from me next, I will be a fully fledged Doctor of Philosophy in English!  Come and visit and compare notes on our favorite writers with me sometime (I promise not to be any more self-satisfied than I usually have been to date!)


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8 responses to “Just a short update bulletin of a post….

  1. Congrats on the qualification, and surviving the hard yards they undoubtedly put you through to earn it. Shall we address you as Doctor Shadowoperator when you return? =)


  2. Congrats! I know you’ve worked hard to get to this incredible place in your life.


  3. Congratulations on this milestone, Victoria.


    • Thank you, Richard. Let’s just hope the milestone doesn’t become a millstone for me to hang myself or drown mself with! Sad but true, every time you finish one piece of work, there’s always another waiting just around the corner.


  4. Wow! I PhD! Well done! I am in awe of anyone doing one of those. Which university is awarding you that?


  5. The University of Toronto, in Toronto, Ontario. I did my M.A. there as well. Thanks for the praise. To be praised by the worthy writers of the world has an added cache to it, and you’re certainly one of them.


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