“Believe one who has proved it. Believe an expert.”–Virgil

Yesterday, I wrote a short post to let my readers know that I was experiencing some trouble with my site, and that I wasn’t sure of the ramifications or the extent of the time necessary for corrections.  Just now, after I sat like a nervous “biddie” (“broody”) hen over my computer all morning, my “view by country” stats were back up, and I once more was able to see the fascinating places that my readers come from, and how many of you are from each country, and I was also able to stop worrying about other forms of impending blogsite doom that might be in the works.

This post today is a small and totally inadequate “thank-you” to those “19 Happiness Engineers” who’ve been working so hard behind the scenes to restore order to a gazillion people’s websites on all sorts of different issues.  They were rapid to respond, and didn’t ask me to do anything I was unable to understand, which isn’t always the case when computer gurus give me instructions, due to the fact that I don’t always use the correct lingo to describe my difficulties, and they speak the language perfectly.  Hence the title of my post, from Publius Vergilius Maro, otherwise known as Virgil:  “Believe one who has proved it.  Believe an expert.”  I followed their instructions, and lo and behold!  things are working perfectly again!  Assuming that all continues to go well, I’ll be writing another literary or “essay” post again soon, on one of my standard topics.  And thanks to all those who have continued to be patient with my site, whether experts or readers and fellow bloggers.  We all need these humbling lessons of help from our fellows now and then, and I’m just glad mine was of so gentle a nature.  See you soon!


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6 responses to ““Believe one who has proved it. Believe an expert.”–Virgil

  1. Awesome to hear everything’s up and running. I hope the folk who helped get everyone back to their regularly programmed bloggings get big thank-you’s. Support staff are sometimes under appreciated =)


    • Yes, it’s great to get good and efficient help. There is another small problem with the page not refreshing immediately after I publish a post, but other people have had problems with that too, and I think it’s just a temporary glitch. At any rate, I’ve written in about it, and am hoping to get some help soon. Considering that there are only 19 “Happiness Engineers” working to get everyone’s problems settled every time something is changed on WordPress, I think they do well.


  2. So good to hear your problems were fixed!


  3. They’re working to solve this problem now–I’ve been asked to use a different browser, which I don’t really want to do, but we’ll see….


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