Taking a bit of a springtime break, and thanking loyal readers….

For the last two weeks or so, and upcoming at the end of the month of May, I wasn’t and won’t be blogging as frequently.  Though I hope to squeeze in another post or three before the last two weeks of May, or maybe even one just before June begins as well, I can’t predict just now exactly when I will be doing about the next four or so posts, except to say “sometime in May, please don’t forget about me, I’m still here.”  I feel especially grateful that so many readers (according to the stats page) have kept in touch with my blogsite and have been perhaps reading posts they previously missed or especially liked.

Why am I slacking off?  Call it spring fever, and catching up on a lot of reading, and having company, and travelling.  In short, I have a few other pursuits and endeavors keeping me busy during the merry month of May, and have to cry off my preferred frequency of blogging.  I hope to have some interesting things to write about when I return to blogging, especially some new reading material I’ve run across and some old favorites as well.  And I may have something to say about my travels, too.  Until then, please be patient:  like the man said, “I’ll be back.”


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8 responses to “Taking a bit of a springtime break, and thanking loyal readers….

  1. I shall miss the contact but I think it’s good to have a break, every so often. I wish you a cathartic “spring fever”, delectable reading, constructive catching up, and wonderful travels.

    … Looking forward to you return, and to reading all about your new adventures.


  2. Enjoy. Deservef. We look forward to hearing.


    • Thanks, Kathy. I do feel a little as if I’m becoming the diva of taking breaks, it’s been two weeks now nearly and I haven’t written. But I’m also getting in gear to continue on a novel I’ve recently started, so maybe I won’t feel so lazy a little down the road. Enjoy spring, you too!


  3. D. James Fortescue

    You take all the time you need to replenish your Vitamin D levels, and enjoy your surroundings returning to life. Your posts are worth waiting for =)


  4. I just discovered your blog and look forward to browsing through your archive pages, waiting for your return!


    • Hi, nice to meet you! I’ve left a couple of comments on your blog this morning. Also, just to let you know, in the last week, I’ve writtten two “lazy” posts, one on Gerard Manley Hopkins and one on Shakespeare–I call them “lazy” because I rely on the poets mainly to speak for themselves rather than putting my two cents in so often. Usually, though the great writers I write about are more than capable of speaking for themselves as these two are too, I put a lot of effort into commenting, and possibly adding some individual perspective to the process. I hope you’ll enjoy reading.


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