Celebrating A Year’s Presence on My Blog with New Stories

Dear Readers,

As of tomorrow, July 4, I will have been publishing material on this site for exactly a year.  The date signals not only my independence from the tyranny of the need to deal with agents and editors and the whole literary infrastructure which supports the very big business of publishing in standard print mode–though if asked I would be willing to publish that way too, face it, I’m a realist!–but it also marks my celebration of a year’s consistent effort to turn out reasonably good and responsible posts on literature at the same time as I publish my own efforts.  I hope you will have a look at my stories, published here under the lengthy title Sympathy And Centripetal Force and Eight Other Young and Hopeful Stories.  The title, though cumbersome, is at least honest in that it marks the stories frankly as revisited efforts from my literary past, and indicates that I still think these early efforts, never before published, were worth updating some and putting before you, my public.  Though I have modernized a few aspects of the stories, there are some “dated” items in them which I have left unaltered because they carry the flavor of the time and place of the story, and I wanted to leave them be.

So, though I will certainly return to the recent project I mentioned in my last post, that of commenting on some of our feminist and feminine forebears in writing, I wanted to take this opportunity to mark my own special anniversary by diverging slightly on this path and putting up a new page.  I hope you will enjoy this short collection, and for those of you celebrating the Fourth of July tomorrow, Happy Independence Day!  (For those of you who are from elsewhere in the world, please excuse our silliness and fireworks, it happens to everyone at sometime or other!).  Shadowoperator  (aka Victoria Leigh Bennett)


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9 responses to “Celebrating A Year’s Presence on My Blog with New Stories

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  2. Happy blogiversary!!!! I look forward to more words and posts and if you can post some pictures of Llamas that would make it perfect.


  3. Thank you! But sorry, the only Llama that I can post is the Dalai Llama, and that would be disrespectful, since the Dalai Lama doesn’t care for his animal namesake.


  4. Really, I thought he would be quite a fan…I wonder if he kicks them when he sees them…YouTube will tell me the answer to that.


  5. Yes, we either need to form a communal pity party or a mutual admiration league! Ha yourself!


  6. I had no idea… Happy Belated-Anniversary! If my blog contained 1% of the thought you put into your posts… well, someone else would have to write them. Congrats!


    • Thanks for the good wishes, and the praise. You know, some part of my blog is due to sheer obsessive-compulsive behavior about literature–and it started quite young, so I’ve no way of getting out of it. Which is to say, I’m not sure I have the right to be praised about something I can’t help talking about–ask me about world economics and I’ll probably fall flat on my face. Good to have you around again, anyway!


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