Begging your indulgence….

Dear Readers,  Here am I, more than a week from having done my last post, and with nary a one in sight so far.  I need to beg your indulgence for a while longer, however, as I am busy with a novel and with making “something special” for a couple of friends who have had some health issues recently.  Though I mean to post soon, it may be a few days yet before I take the time to do so, so until then, I’ll just politely ask you (as my grandfather would say when someone complained of not having a comfortable place to sit and wait for some event or other to transpire) to “sit on your fist and rear back on your thumb.”  Though on first encounter this doesn’t sound polite at all, I realize, it’s a way of saying to the impatient ones (often us children) that there’s no place to sit right now, and one is better employed in ingenious ways of amusing oneself than in complaining.  Not, you know, that I’m so self-flattered as to assume that everyone is awash with agony because I’m not writing right now, but I have to provide alternative entertainment just a little, so I thought I’d just share the dialectal expression my grandfather used as a way of bringing a temporary grin to your faces.  And now, farewell until the next post, coming ASAP, shadowoperator


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4 responses to “Begging your indulgence….

  1. D. James Fortescue

    Take all the time you need. I hope your friends are feeling better soon =)


  2. Thanks. I didn’t mean to come off as “flip,” I just have acquired a bad habit of making my readers wait, and the smarting off is actually self-directed, in a way. I figured treating it with a joke after all this time might be at least a new and different way of dealing with it. Sorry if I annoyed anyone.


  3. We shall all be here waiting whenever you are ready to post, no pressure.

    So I tried that fist thing, it is more comfortable than one expects….


    • Thanks, you’re a good sport. Actually, the fist thing sounds damaging on the thumbs, if one goes by analogy with the chairs, which one’s mother and aunts were always telling one not to rear back on!


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