“Why can’t I do anything right today?”–The curse of spring fever

This morning at 7 I thought I would have an early breakfast and then do something smart, beautiful, or fun.  At first, I had the idea to work on my newest novel, which until about the end of January had been stalled for almost a year.  I suddenly started working on it again then, and have worked on it every day or so ever since.  So, what’s wrong with today?  How is today different?  Dunno.  But I didn’t work on the novel.

Then, I thought that I would watch an opera on Met Opera on Demand on my computer.  But I left it too long to start, and when I calculated how long I had to listen and watch before an important call comes in early tonight, I knew I would get interrupted if I started it, and so bailed on that opportunity as well.

Oh, well, there’s always that computer game I like to play, I thought.  Maybe I should go through the dungeon and defeat a few more monsters and villains.  But frankly, enthusiasm was lacking.  I was bored with the easy battles and didn’t have the interest or energy for the hard ones.  Besides, my characters needed to buy more equipment and change some things, and I was bored with them too.

That eliminated smart, beautiful, and fun.  What was left?  By the time I’d finished lunch, that left doing something by rote just to pass the time.  So, I went for a walk.  And suddenly, I knew what was wrong.  It’s 56 F today, gorgeous sunny weather, and yet another big storm is expected to hit tomorrow (one hopes the last of the season, but then who can tell?).  I had spring fever, as plain as the nose on anybody’s face.  And I still have it.

So, I thought, what can I do until dinner time?  Write a post.  But I just started another book and haven’t had a chance to prepare anything literary yet, so what am I supposed to post about?  What are other people doing?  Are they enjoying the same break from the winter blahs while realizing that it’s short-lived and that snow or at least rain in buckets is back with us tomorrow and Thursday?  And then, I just decided to write about that.  Nothing, really.  Just a post to say “hello readers, I hope you’re reading my site, and won’t mind too much if I cause you to waste a little time today on ‘nothing, really.'”

Or, you can talk to me.  If you’re in a different part of the world, your weather may be different, and instead of trying to last out the tail-end of a miserable winter, you may be whinging and complaining about the last of a hot, arid summer.  Or maybe you’ve already had the rain and snow that was predicted, and are just stepping back in from shovelling out or are wringing out your clothes and taking off soaked galoshes.  Whatever your situation, feel free to drop a line if you want, just to communicate with the great outside world.  That’s all I’m doing today, after all.  And now it’s time for iced coffee, one of the first of the season (we live in hope); ta for now!


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6 responses to ““Why can’t I do anything right today?”–The curse of spring fever

  1. here in san francisco it’s 65 F and sunny, and even here I have spring fever … oh, to travel! sigh


    • Yes, I can imagine you paraphrasing the poem “Oh, to be in England/Now that spring is here,” only I think you’d have to write some fancy lines about Japan or Australia, or someplace else. Your post “Tempting” smacked of spring fever, come to think of it–I think it must be contagious!


  2. Richard Gilbert

    I am dying to be twitterpated. Yesterday was glorious and a balmy 60. The dog and I took a long walk along the creek. Today it blew, rained, sleeted, snowed. It was cruel.


    • Being twitterpated in your part of the world must be like being addlepated in mine. Yes, I know what you mean. People here say, “If you don’t like the weather, don’t complain; tomorrow, it’ll be different.” We’ve got snow flying today and harsh temperatures. Can’t wait for the real spring.


  3. Hullo, the Midlands are a nice 50F and the day is looking lovely…I am hoping spring is here so I can enjoy a beer and not get instantly sober with the cold. It is a wonderful thing to have the renewal of life and feel like weather is bearable again. I bets start reading to celebrate.


    • Yes, a few days ago when I wrote this post you’re responding to, it was about 55 or so here. Today, it’s another 50 degree day, but with a spritz of rain this time, not much. I don’t want to believe that the good weather god is just teasing us, so I keep my hopes up for spring heading our way sooner rather than not….


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