Just an experiment, folks! Nothing to worry about (unless it works poorly)….

Today, I tried to do a post.  I managed it, but for the last 1/2 hour or so, I was typing only about 12 short words a minute, and having to wait in between my letters for quite some time.  This is very frustrating; I was already used to some of the weird features of the changes that WordPress.com put into effect about two or three months ago, but not to be able to finish my post without waiting for aeons seems ridiculous.  I clicked on the line which offered a “new posting experience,” and I hope that now my problems are over, though the typing still can’t keep up with my speed.  I guess we’ll find out in the next lengthy post!  For now, I’ve just finished a post today, and it’s time for a late lunch (and therefore, time to face a different challenge and make eggplant hummus–a cross between baba ghannouj and regular hummus).  See you next time, I hope, and one can only hope the posting will work sufficiently well that I don’t go bald from excessive hair wrenching!  Shadowoperator

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