Good news, and a takedown of a page containing a novel, with interludes

Dear Readers,

Though I suppose I shouldn’t ordinarily assume that I still have readers, after having been away for so long from blogging (but I see on my statistics page that you few faithful are still reading my old posts), this morning I have taken down my novel, Dot and Charlie (A Novel About Love, Sexism, and Infidelity) because it is the source manuscript for a number of poems I wrote to insert in it, which are now going to be published separately in a poetic manuscript. This takedown is for the purpose of not violating the poetic copyright; I expect to be able to reinsert the manuscript of the novel in its entirety as soon as all matters are concluded with the publication of the poetry (3 books in 1).

This is all I have to offer for today, but it’s the start of a bright New Year, which hasn’t started off so very brightly politically here in one sense, in that there have been major disruptions and protests against lawful passage into a new presidency in Washington, D.C. recently. Still, we are all hopeful here in the U.S. that our new President Biden and Vice-President Harris and their cohorts can remedy the ills this nation has suffered, and that others who have doubted it or them will come to see that they are intending and doing well and good. As for the rest of the globe, we have to hope for it as well that it will come back to health and well-being, especially with the virus vaccines now available increasingly to so many. All the best to you remaining from the holiday seasons, and take care. I hope to let you know more when I know it, and possibly can start posting again more frequently, as soon as I finish up some of my crafting projects and have the time to read and review books again (I look forward to finding this time again before too long). Happy New Year!

Shadowoperator (Victoria L Bennett)


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5 responses to “Good news, and a takedown of a page containing a novel, with interludes

  1. Hi Vic, good to hear from you and happy new year backatcha. Yesterday was nuts. Will write more later. BB


  2. Looking forward to more news on the book, it will be very exciting to see what happens on the book front in general this year. It is shaping up to be a good year for escapism again!


    • I mentioned your name in passing to someone at my publisher’s in illustration of someone whom I correspond with fairly regularly in blogs and posts to and from the U.K. I wanted them to know that I had no trouble receiving timely dispatches from the U.K., and your posts have always been an example of that, as have your replies to my posts. Anyway, I’m hoping to have the book out as soon as i can, consistent with good editing practices. Thanks for maintaining an interest in my success; you’re one of the people whom I intend to get a free copy to, for you and Crissy, when can send it.

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      • I’m always happy to be talked about in publishing corridors! I am still strugglibg to visit more than once a week but am aiming to do better, as the year goes on. I always love a free copy of a book, especially when I am aware of the writer’s quality of work but, providing I keep this job, I am also happy to actively support by purchasing a copy too.


  3. Not to worry; I have your name on the list of books I aim to send out for free. Of course, it will be a while before I do the joint copy editing with the copy editors yet, and then the actual publishing and distribution, including their sending to me of my free copies. And then, of course, I’ll have to get the money to mail it out to people whom I want to have it who aren’t within handoff distance directly by hand. But I will be glad to know what you think of it as a whole when it comes along. Ta! for now. And thanks for the encouragement.


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