Have you seen it? The mystery of the vanishing WordPress.com post

My last post but one took place on March 17th, 2021. At some time after that, I published the last post I have done since then. I cannot now recall the title, but it was a post on the subject of Geraldine Brooks’s novel “The Secret Chord,” a book about the life and reign of King David. I felt about the book that it was a very fine book indeed, and so I had done a careful and what I thought was a basically good and responsible post about it. The post was up for a while, though I can’t recall if I got any comments on it or not. Repeatedly these days, I am informed that so-and-so new person is following my blog, but most of my followers seem to be shy of comments, so that it’s hard for me to verify how many people may have seen my post, though I usually get somewhere between 10-75 reads a day by a good number of viewers.

So, imagine my surprise when I went to look back at the post to see if I had remembered to mention something particular in the book, only to find that the post was no longer on my website, in any order at all! Please write in and let me know if you have any answers for me to this conundrum, as I am in the near future going to be publishing a very important (to me) post indeed, all about my book of poems which will soon be published, and I don’t want to take the risk that it too is going to vanish.

All the best, I hope someone among my readers can help. Shadowoperator


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2 responses to “Have you seen it? The mystery of the vanishing WordPress.com post

  1. Vic, I’d think you could find this saved somewhere on your computer! I do remember seeing your post but didn’t read it, intending to send you a link to a long interview of G Brooks that I’d watched some time ago:
    I occasionally check to see if you’ve posted something new. Your site might not recognize me, though, because of a VPN I installed last year (special deal from AVG my antivirus). I’m in KY but this VPN gives my location as variously Chicago, Brazil, and, the Netherlands! I discovered this when I started getting messages in Portuguese and Dutch! O the joys of modern technology. Wonderful, but best to save your files!
    Best Wishes, BB


    • Not to worry. if you’ll look on my site at the entry immediately before your response, above, you’ll see the so-called “missing” post. The reason I didn’t recall it is because I didn’t immediately recall the connection with Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah.” It’s still there, it’s one and the same post. And, just for future reference, WordPress is a more than adequate repository of my literary posts. They are copyrighted simply by being published on it, and I don’t need to save my files from it, because WordPress does that. I don’t keep a separate file for my posts on my computer elsewhere because there simply isn’t room for all the posts I have done or might still do, and they are, after all, not really highly innovative, though they may be smart or interesting to a number of people. From that follows that they resound with a number of people’s own experiences, so that even being so copyrighted, they aren’t really unique to me and my experience. While I hope that no “busy” or dishonest person such as a lazy student anywhere is turning them in as their own work, they are free readinig material for my commenters and readers, and it follows from that that I have retained them in the open spirit of most people’s WordPress posts and blogs. It’s a vastly different case with articles I have myself written for courses and for my thesis degree work, naturally, which don’t appear here.


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