A New-to-My-WordPress-Website Collection of Short Fiction from My First Mature Writings, Entitled “Sympathy and Centripetal Force, and Eight Other Young and Early Stories”

September 26th, 2022–Hello, Readers, Writers, Poets, and Meanderers! Finally, I’m able to share with you these stories from the days when I was first seriously pursuing a writing career. They are in some cases more extremely professional-seeming and complicated in ethos, structure, and compositional traits than ones I’ve written since, and are, I think, still very much worth reading. They show me as I was when I had first absorbed the so-called “rules” of writing good fiction (and we all know there really are none but just what happens to work). As a result, they may seem a little precious or pretentious to some, but to others will seem better than much more recent things. To quote briefly from my author’s bio found on this site, “[they] concentrate[] on giving pictures of different kinds of individuals in different walks of life, with all their foibles, prejudices, and suppositions about life intact. It is not a book which focuses much on providing the author’s own insights, ideas, or feelings, but upon showing these character types with all their thoughts, experiences, and interpretations of these experiences exposed.” That’s enough of a prelude, I think. I hope you will enjoy them! Victoria Leigh Bennett (shadowoperator)

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